Thursday, June 1, 2017

Free Talk: For Gut's Sake with Amanda Brocket

Do you
- Feel bloated after eating?
- Get grumpy and tired easily?
- Can’t lose weight?
- Have food intolerance, IBS, candida or other gut issues?

Join Amanda from The Raw Food Kitchen on Monday 5th June at Little Talks. Learn how to make friends with your gut, understand how food affects your mood and why healing your gut is the single most important thing yuo can do to thrive in life, physically, spiritually and mentally!

In this talk with Amanda you will:
- Understand where gut health is currently at
- How your health history and food choices can be the difference between surviving or thriving
- Learn about Amanda’s story of healing from systemic candida
- Learn about the Clean, Seed, Feed principle
- Learn 3 easy steps get started on your gut healing journey
- Traditionally made sauerkraut tasters for you to try!

Limited space! Info & RSVP to!

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